For Circuit Visitors


From the LCMS Handbook...

  1. 5.2.3 Each circuit visitor shall assist the district president within the circuit.
    1. He shall serve under the direction of and be accountable to the district president and shall serve as his spokesman when so authorized and directed and shall assist him in doctrinal and spiritual supervision.
    2. He shall serve in a servant role.
    3. He shall seek to remind and encourage members of the circuit of their responsibilities as God’s people and the privilege they have in being about His mission.
    4. He and any other officers of the circuit shall have the primary responsibility for maintaining liaison between the circuit and the Synod at the national and district levels.
    5. He shall be conversant with and supportive of Synod-wide and district resolutions and programs.
    6. He shall seek to strengthen the spirit of cooperation among pastors, commissioned ministers, and congregations.
    7. He shall assist in the development and attainment of Synod-wide mission and ministry emphases.
    8. He shall assist the district president, as requested, in promoting and obtaining unanimous participation by congregations in the submission of annual statistical reports.
    9. He may, when requested to do so by the district president, serve as a mediator to effect reconciliation of disputes within the circuit not under dispute resolution of the Synod as outlined in section 1.10 of these Bylaws.
    10. He shall regularly convene the pastors of his circuit for circuit conferences. 
    11. He shall regularly report on his activities to the district president.
    12. The district president shall meet with the circuit visitors of the district at least once per year to discuss their work, to encourage them, and to conduct ongoing training for congregational and pastoral visits.
    13. The circuit visitor is authorized to draw on the district treasury for his expenses.