Past Witness Events

Witness: 2022

The 2022 Witness in the Public Square was held on October 25th in Midtown Manhattan at the New York Athletic Club


Kurt Buchholz

President and CEO, Lutheran Hour Ministries

Todd A. Mueller and Laurie S. Mueller

District Manager, Pharmacy & Retail Operations, Walgreen Co.Senior Manager, PL. Marketing

Victor and Marcia Nelson

Pastor and Wife in Ministry, Resurrection Lutheran Church, Cairo NY

Witness: 2021

The 2021 Witness in the Public Square was held on October 19th in Midtown Manhattan at the New York Athletic Club


Dr. John J. Scibilia
Executive Director at Council of Churches Advisors

Lucy B Palmer, MD

Pulmonary/CriticalCare Renaissance School of Medicine,
Stony Brook University Hospital

Daniel A. Nigro 

Fire Commissioner
City of New York

Witness: 2020

Featured Churchworkers and Missionaries

Rev. Philip Saywrayne

Pastor and missionary, Philip is deployed to Staten Island to reach the African Immigrant Community. Philip raises up leaders to reach out to new immigrants coming primarily from Liberia, assisting them as they find their way, sharing food and resources, welcoming those struggling to assimilate to a brand new home. Whether worshiping on line or in person, their worship is warm, vibrant, musically energetic and ministers well within the style and culture of the African people.

Rev. James Roy

Pastor James reaches out to the Bengali community spread throughout Brooklyn and Queens. On weekdays, he and his team can be found out on the street engaging in conversation with any who stop by. With tracts and literature they engage in conversation with those of many different faiths in the hope of sharing their love for Jesus with them. The United Bengali Church of America meets weekly for worship in their own language, both in churches and homes, a mosaic of people made up of converts from Islam, Buddhism and Hindu faiths.

Anna Lutz

Campus ministry leader, Anna, heads up a student ministry called The Vine at Queens College in New York City. She finds innovative ways to reach out to her fellow students, inviting them to friendship groups for fun activities such as mochi making. Others come for her engaging Bible studies.

Rev. Jean Gardy Cenat

Rev Cenat and his family come to us from Haiti and reach out in French to the newly arrived Haitian community living in a densely populated part of Brooklyn. His passion for Jesus and his love for the people of Haiti shine through in his ministry of mercy and welcome to the people struggling in that place.

Rev. James Dorner

Jim has a call to two churches in the Capitol region of Albany. At St. Paul’s he is helping guide them as they reimagine this generation’s ministry opportunities in a new location. At St. Matthew’s Jim is helping them focus on outreach through their vibrant preschool ministry.

Rev. Mark Budenholzer

Mark is a pastor and missionary serving in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan. Born and raised here, he is well equipped to reach its diverse and ever changing population. During these challenging times, worship and pastoral care are done virtually as well as in person. This new church plant is called City to Come from the Hebrews verse speaking of a heavenly city to come.

Rev. Lin Yan

Lin is a missionary pastor centered in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn. He serves the internationally connected Chinese population and through zoom and in person meetings is able to connect with people in multiple boroughs of New York City. Through active outreach, administering the sacraments and offering Chinese worship, Lin Yan brings the love of Jesus to all he

Witness: 2019

The 2018 Witness in the Public Square was held on October 15th in Midtown Manhattan at the New York Athletic Club

Photos from the event

2019 Honorees

Dusan Toth
Dusan Toth
Marcia Steiner
Marcia Steiner
James Sanft
James Sanft


The 2018 Witness in the Public Square was held on October 15th in Midtown Manhattan at the New York Athletic Club

2018 Honorees

Doug Geed
Doug Geed
Esther Cornelius
Esther Cornelius
Liz Mazzotti
Liz Mazzotti