Hand Sewn Mask Ministry

Project Love and Protect


We are collecting reusable/washable sewn masks to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 

These will be distributed throughout the District to people who will give them to anyone in need including the underserved populations they meet. This could be police, pastors, elderly care workers or anywhere where there is a need. We know that we can use as many masks as you can make. We have already made contacts with people that would like to assist in distributing masks to people in need. These contacts have already established a need for thousands.

  • Our God is good goal is 10,000 masks,
  • our God is amazing goal is 20,000 masks,
  • our God is awesome beyond my imagination goal is 50,000 masks.

Let's Do this

Please help us get masks into the hands of those who need them the most. Here's some resources

Not every superhero wears a mask. Some make them.

New York has been directly affected by the Coronavirus. We have seen thousands of people infected and many deaths. The governor of NYS implemented an executive order for all people to wear a mask when in public. There are some for a variety of reasons that are finding it difficult to find a mask at this time. 

The Atlantic District through her local churches is striving to supply reusable sewn masks to anyone who has a need. We do this in fulfillment of Jesus command to “love one another.” How can we show love to our brothers and sisters around us? We can do it in very simple ways like providing a mask for them and their family. 

This project began from a request from a chaplain in Suffolk county. He called President Lecakes the day after 200 deaths had occurred in Suffolk county. He has spoken with the chief of police and they determined that one of the issues is that there was a lack of masks  especially among some of the struggling areas. So the message went out. The first call was to Mr. Jim Sanft of Concordia Plan Services who donated 250 blue towels that could be tied around the face like bandanas. The next call was to the District Presidents of all 35 districts of the LCMS. They put the word our and with in 3 days 450 masks had shown up. From these simple beginnings the project continues to grow. 

What can you do?

We need you!

You can help us by making a mask to help us reach our goal. 

You can help us praying for an end to this virus and protection of our brothers and sisters. You can help us financially to support this ongoing project.

Where to Send Masks

Thank you for your help! Please address all masks for donation to:

  • Atlantic District – LCMS
    c/o Carol Mittelstaedt
    193 Woodlawn Avenue
    St. James, NY 11780