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The history of the Atlantic District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) has been one of welcoming and embracing each wave of immigrants and newcomers from around the world. Covering metropolitan New York, the Atlantic District is set in one of the most diversely populated areas on earth.

With over 30 missions, the work of the Atlantic District is boundless, bringing God's Word and Love to people from all walks of life. Whether it's setting up new churches, or ministering to existing congregations, Atlantic District missionaries are always ready to reach out to the many ethnic and religious groups in the New York metropolitan area so they may know Jesus Christ! Among the many Atlantic District missions are ministries to Hispanic, African immigrant, Southern Asian and Deaf communities.

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When Tropical Storm Ida entered the northeast on August 31 and September 1, record amounts of rain were recorded between New York City, New Jersey and surrounding areas, causing flooding, widespread transportation outage and the loss of over 28 lives.

Witness in the Public Square

The “Witness in the Public Square” is the primary mission funding event of the Atlantic District. It has provided over 2.3 million dollars of support to mission endeavors throughout the Atlantic District and around the world. These funds have supported work among many Chinese, Korean, Bengali, Liberian, Pakistani, and others in our midst in New York; feeding people in Liberia during the Ebola crisis; social ministry efforts in Far Rockaway after Superstorm Sandy, and many more, not to mention special ministry surrounding our present global pandemic...

Comfort and Care Fund for Faculty and Staff

In an effort to extend care to the faculty and staff of Concordia, New York the Comfort and Care Fund is being established to provide support for unforeseen and potentially unmet needs of faculty and staff of the college...

Atlantic District General Fund

The Atlantic District - LCMS is continuously engaged in helping congregations, church-workers and ministries address challenges in an ever-changing landscape. Covering one of the most diversely and densely populated regions of the world, The Atlantic District supports the hard work of our ministries as they "Engage the world with the Gospel of Hope"

The Rev. Dr. Ronald F. Fink Memorial Educational Scholarship Fund helps us educate future church leaders. As you read the testimonies of Lutheran Teachers; Deaconesses; Seminary Students; Alternate Route Pastors (Ethnic Institute in Theology, & Specific Ministry Program); and other current and past recipients found in the accompanying brochure, we hope you will be moved to join us by making a gift to help these young people reach their goal of serving the church. The entire church body will be all the stronger for it. Please take a moment and review the brochure and prayerfully consider making a financial donation to help.

Disaster Response Fund: Covid-19

Under the direction of "Task Force 8: Disaster Relief" ministries of The Atlantic District has been instrumental in assisting those most vulnerable and effected by the Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) outbreak locally and internationally.

The Mission Society

Building on the heritage of our Lutheran faith, the Mission Society brings together individuals who have a heart for missions. Members of the Mission Society commit themselves to pray daily, donate and give hands-on support to missions.Gifts to the Mission Society will ensure that the work of our missionaries will continue for years to come.

Chinese Ministry

The growing Chinese ministry sprawls throughout the 4 boroughs of New York City - engaging an internationally connected people united in the Gospel! Your support helps fund new projects, outreach, and ministers like Lin Yan engage multiple congregations throughout the city.