Life at Home Resources

...for those currently homebound - all of us!

Church at Home!

We all know 'we are the church' wherever we happen to be, and during the Covid-19 outbreak and measures to minimize the spread, there has been an outpouring of resources that have shared with the Church. (Though truth be told, these resources would be great any time)

Concordia Publishing House

An ever-present resource at any time, CPH has stepped to the plate with a large compliment of their catalog and is offering them at no cost.

For worship

For Study

For Home

Sunday school - At Home!

Being away from school can feel like summer, but being away from church is downright weird. Here is an example of what you could do at home with your kids for the 4th week of Lent. (Thanks, Carol of St. James)

For Kids at Home

A Big part of school is socialization. Extended time apart from friends, structured play and activities can be tough, but there's resources out there! Head on over to for an article with a bunch of helpful resources.