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News & Notes

Can one person change the future of a church?

Can one person change the future of a church? Usually, we might be inclined to say no. But these haven’t been usual times.

Lutherans for Racial Justice

" pursue the work of racial reconciliation in their churches and communities. We highlight the efforts of LCMS pastors, leaders, and laypeople who are making progress in their vocational corners."

Christ Love in a Time of Unrest - A Letter from Bishop Lecakes

The death of Mr. George Floyd has brought to light the ongoing tensions in our life together as a nation. He was not heard in his final moments as his life was taken.

Reopening Guidance

Our understanding of how we can protect ourselves and others in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop daily. As regions of New York begin the first phases of reopening, questions have arisen as to how churches might resume public worship...

Hand Sewn Mask Ministry

We are collecting reusable/washable sewn masks to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. News and information on our 50,000 mask goal...

CARES and PPP: Prepare Now!

Applications for the CARES Act and the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) are now open. Watch the Zoom Conference and download resources now

Resources & Communications

See official communications and resources for churches and members for adapting as the Covid-19 situation develops

Digital Worship

Watch churches that are already streaming services live, or view suggestions about helping your church get started

Support Your Church - Guide to Online Giving

Your church is busier than ever today in bringing the Gospel to you - wherever you are. Read about setting up online giving in your church

What You Can Do

There are some simple, but important steps that will help protect you and those around you.