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A Prayer for Concordia

It is with a heavy heart I share the news that after 140 years of serving the church, Concordia College, NY will close at the end of the academic year...

Prayer For Our Nation: Light Amidst Darkness

As a nation we must find ways to communicate without violence. We must find ways to sit down with people of differing and contrary views to listen and love our neighbors. Our Lord encourages us to listen in love.

Conventions & Christmas:

A Message from Bishop Lecakes regarding changes at the synodical level in regard to our convention cycle, and special consideration for the Advent and Christmas Season

Can one person change the future of a church?

Can one person change the future of a church? Usually, we might be inclined to say no. But these haven

Lutherans for Racial Justice

" pursue the work of racial reconciliation in their churches and communities. We highlight the efforts of LCMS pastors, leaders, and laypeople who are making progress in their vocational corners."

Christ Love in a Time of Unrest - A Letter from Bishop Lecakes

The death of Mr. George Floyd has brought to light the ongoing tensions in our life together as a nation. He was not heard in his final moments as his life was taken.

Reopening Guidance

Our understanding of how we can protect ourselves and others in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop daily. As regions of New York begin the first phases of reopening, questions have arisen as to how churches might resume public worship...

NYS Reopening Plan

New York State has begun incremental release of pandemic-related restrictions on business and organizations, with the first phase beginning May 15 in some areas of our district...

Return to Operations

Guidance for congregational leadership from the Atlantic District as they prepare for reopening for corporate worship.

Got you covered

Pastor Shaun Daugherty and his family of True Light Lutheran Church in Manhattan share masks that have been given to area churches from china in this video



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