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Rev. Dr. Ronald F. Fink Memorial Education Scholarship

The Rev. Dr. Ronald F. Fink Memorial Educational Scholarship Fund helps us educate future church leaders...

What a challenging year. COVID-19 has interrupted the traditional ways we have done learning for decades. And yet all institutions are figuring it out one step at a time. As we survey the landscape there is a mixture of learning methods being utilized. This has not made it easy for Higher Ed institutions nor our students. And yet as we look at the coming year we know there is still information to be gleaned and workers to be trained. The world remains filled with new possibilities.

As we look at the coming educational year, please consider helping a student in the midst of the challenges of this world. Help them overcome a hurdle and support them as they seek to become church workers.

By the grace of God, the Atlantic District offers scholarships to our young people as they have grown beyond primary school and entered college. These scholarships go to assist students as they study for a life of ministry. Many of our pastors, DCEs, Deaconesses, Lutheran Educators, and others, including myself, have been blessed by a financial gift to support tuition. The cost of education continues to increase. Concordia Plan services shares staggering statistics on the amount of debt with which students are graduating from college.

The Rev. Dr. Ronald F. Fink Memorial Educational Scholarship Fund helps us educate future church leaders. As you read the testimonies of Lutheran Teachers; Deaconesses; Seminary Students; Alternate Route Pastors (Ethnic Institute in Theology, & Specific Ministry Program); and other current and past recipients found in the accompanying brochure, we hope you will be moved to join us by making a gift to help these young people reach their goal of serving the church. The entire church body will be all the stronger for it. Please take a moment and review the brochure and prayerfully consider making a financial donation to help.

May God guide you as you prayerfully consider how you might play your part in the life of a young student studying to assist the church in reaching out with the Gospel.

Peace and Joy,

Rev. Derek Lecakes

President/Bishop of the Atlantic District-LCMS

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