Our Savior New American School

Our Savior New American School

Next time you’re in Centereach, New York, make sure to visit Our Savior New American School (OSNAS). This school, filled with dedicated faculty and staff, is preparing children to share God’s grace through the development of their heart, mind, body, and spirit as well as equipping them for service in their community, country and world.

Since its simple one-room beginnings in1992, OSNAS’ has grown to provide high-quality, Christian-based education for students pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Students are a mix of local and international students; the school has had enrollees from almost 40 countries!

Former student parent and teacher, Barbara D’Aquino, says, “OSNAS is more than a school; it is a family. All of my children have graduated from OSNAS and have gone on to the colleges of their choosing and have been successful in their careers. I’ve been honored and privileged to teach the Bible to high school girls and have maintained relationships with many of my former students. The school has faced many, seemingly insurmountable obstacles and has overcome them only through the grace of God. OSNAS is His school.”

As you tour this beautiful facility, take notice of the lively decorated classrooms and hallways. Make sure to visit their newly designed STEM lab (science, technology, engineering, and math), a room designed with an open-space concept, giving students and teachers the freedom to use the space in multiple ways and various formats.

I asked Dr. Stelzer, Principal and OSNAS alumni, how the school coped with the recent pandemic. He replied, “Within one week, the student body, faculty and staff smoothly transitioned into online learning using Google Meet. By June 2020 we were able to have an in-person graduation ceremony.” Obviously, the students and staff didn’t miss a beat!

Even though most schools are taking just small steps to get back into their physical classrooms, OSNAS is taking a giant leap and revamping its school’s entire curriculum! In April 2021, OSNAS joined the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS).

ACCS is organized to promote, establish, and equip member schools that are committed to a classical approach in the light of a Christian worldview. (https://classicalchristian.org)

This change is a tremendous investment of time and resources, but it is well worth the outstanding education each and every student will receive. Students will be bathed in classical literature and taught through the context of God and His nature; they will be immersed in a Christian view of all things and taught to appreciate and reflect truth, goodness, and beauty, with the ultimate mission of cultivating students as worshippers of Jesus Christ.

The school offers the opportunity to participate in various clubs outside the normal school day: Bible, Praise Band, Homework, Recreation, Art, and Drama are just a few of ways students can join together, have fun, and pursue their personal interests.

Students and staff are continually involved with community outreach projects, including support of local community food programs, support of Soundview Pregnancy Services, and participating in a Mercy House walk-a-thon.

OSNAS, well-known for its superb basketball program, has its own full-size gymnasium for its highly acclaimed athletic programs, including boys and girls volleyball, boys baseball, girls softball, cross country, and soccer.

“The OSNAS journey has been so very wonderful and blessed, as we put our trust and faith in God. Dr. Stelzer is doing wonderful things as we watch the school continue to grow,” stated Toddy Milligan, faithful member of Our Savior Lutheran Church.

As you stroll through the lobby of the gymnasium, you cannot miss the “Wall of Fame” — head shots of many of the Division 1 athletes and NBA professional basketball players who began at OSNAS. Dr. Stelzer has stepped up as school’s the current coach. Even though there were only four games played due to COVID, OSNAS won every game! (Previously, Pastor Ron Stelzer had coached teams to 399 wins and two NACA National Titles in 2004 and 2014). Quite a testimony of the school’s dedication to its sports programs!

Outside the normal school year, OSNAS offers Math and English summer enrichment programs for grades 2–5, basketball camps, driver’s education classes, and assists with Our Savior Lutheran Church’s Vacation Bible School.

When Dr. Stelzer was asked about the 5-year plan of OSNAS, he replied that the school would continue to strive towards academic excellence as set forth by the ACCS. He would like to see an increase in the size of the student body, as well as the ability to provide the teachers and staff adequate pay and employee benefits. Dr. Stelzer also has a vision of a new school facility to be built on their 16-acre athletic field just north of their current location.

Closing words from Dolores Reade, an original teacher of Our Savior New American School, “For a small school, OSNAS does big things. Whether it be our many professionally directed musical dramas, nationally ranking basketball team, choir singing at Carnegie Hall, or our proms themes that cause you to drop your jaw in awe; or our senior trips and retreats, science and art fairs, and being recognized by town councilman for history research projects; or the learning of new cultures up close and personal with classmates from other countries alongside the sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through our international students — yes, OSNAS is a small school — with a big God. “

For more information on Our Savior New American School please visit www.osnas.org.

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