The Atlantic District

of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

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The District Office has Moved!

Just a quick 12 minute walk from Grand Central Terminal, 8 minute walk from Penn Station.

1385 Broadway, Fl 12
New York, NY 10018-6118

Tel. 914-337-5700 (unchanged)

Fax 914-337-7471 (unchanged)

"And you shall call his name Jesus..."

It is exciting to know that He, Jesus, will save the people from their sins. This message breaks into our world this Christmas and reminds us that no matter how dark the day is or has been, Jesus has come and saved each and everyone of us. He has paid the price and it all began as a baby in a manager...

Comfort and Care Fund for Faculty and Staff

In an effort to extend care to the faculty and staff of Concordia, New York the Comfort and Care Fund is being established to provide support for unforeseen and potentially unmet needs of faculty and staff of the college...

News & Notes

Bishop Lecakes Honored by Concordia College Preview Image

Bishop Lecakes Honored by Concordia College

During 2021 commencement exercises, Bishop Derek Lecakes is awarded an honorary degree and recognized for his service to Concordia College...

A Prayer for Concordia Preview Image

A Prayer for Concordia

It is with a heavy heart I share the news that after 140 years of serving the church, Concordia College, NY will close at the end of the academic year...

Prayer For Our Nation: Light Amidst Darkness Preview Image

Prayer For Our Nation: Light Amidst Darkness

As a nation we must find ways to communicate without violence. We must find ways to sit down with people of differing and contrary views to listen and love our neighbors. Our Lord encourages us to listen in love.

Conventions & Christmas: Preview Image

Conventions & Christmas:

A Message from Bishop Lecakes regarding changes at the synodical level in regard to our convention cycle, and special consideration for the Advent and Christmas Season

Engage Preview Image

The Spring Edition of Engage is out! See what's happening throughout the district and how different ministry leaders are meeting the challenges of today...

Resources & Communications Preview Image
Resources & Communications

See official communications and resources for churches and members for adapting as the Covid-19 situation develops

Digital Worship Preview Image
Digital Worship

Watch churches that are already streaming services live, or view suggestions about helping your church get started

Support Your Church - Guide to Online Giving Preview Image
Support Your Church - Guide to Online Giving

Your church is busier than ever today in bringing the Gospel to you - wherever you are. Read about setting up online giving in your church

What You Can Do Preview Image
What You Can Do

There are some simple, but important steps that will help protect you and those around you.